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How Dry Was 2002?

Colorado Streamflow Conditions


Brochure (pdf format)


Stream Depletion due to Well Pumping
based on Colorado Division of Water Resources Stream Depletion Model

(includes the stream depletion factor,”sdf”, modeling option)


Stream Accretion due to Deep Percolation from Irrigation
based on the Glover "Parallel Drain" theory


These MS Excel models are essential for engineering analysis of augmentation plans
and estimating impacts on river systems. The models are extremely easy to use and
provide a cost efficient approach for analysis.

Company Background

Western Water Consulting, Inc. (WWC) was established to provide a broad range of water resources consulting services to industrial, municipal, government, and private entities.  WWC has over 30 years experience in water rights planning, development, and administration within the State of Colorado.  WWC specializes in assistance with the preparation of augmentation plans, applications to Water Court, well permit applications, and support in litigation of issues relating to development and/or protection of water rights.  Consulting services for water resources engineering include the following: 

  • Surface water hydrology and streamflow measurement;
  • Water rights historic use and yield analysis;
  • Augmentation and Substitute Water Supply Plans;
  • Water rights accounting;
  • Well permit applications;
  • River system and water rights operations modeling;
  • Biologically and extreme value based design flows for protection of aquatic life;
  • Evaluation of water supply and demand;
  • Hydrologic statistic and risk analysis;
  • Surface runoff and drainage analysis;
  • Analytical and numerical ground water modeling; and
  • Project cost analysis.

WWC's objective is to provide timely, cost efficient, high quality consulting services resulting in innovative and economical solutions to water resources projects.

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Contact Information

Western Water Consulting, Inc.
5938 West Ida Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80123

Telephone: 303-794-9337

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Company President: James H. Hyre, P.E.

Representative Projects:
      River System and Water Rights Operations Modeling
      Augmentation Plans
      Analytical and Numerical Groundwater Modeling
      Surface Runoff and Drainage Analysis
      Water Supply

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